Contagion Live News Network: Coronavirus Updates for April 21, 2020


A daily COVID-19 update for Tuesday, April 21.

Hello and thanks for joining Contagion. I’m Grant Gallagher, here with a coronavirus update.

More than 1,300 inmates at three facilities in Ohio have tested positive for coronavirus, making the prison system a new hot spot for the outbreak in the United States.

Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina and other states have been moving toward a gradual reopening of some businesses soon, while other states are likely to keep their economies shut down to the current level into May.

In other US political news, a deal between the parties seems close on extending the small business bailout which recently used up its full reserves.

On Contagion, we recently published an article concerning the Morale of Health Care Workers During Coronavirus, arguing that ensuring the best conditions and support possible for essential medical workers is necessary to best get us through the pandemic.

We also detailed the impact of social distancing in 4 major US cities, after a study was released which showed slowdowns in population movement at key points during the month of March.

For more on these stories and other infectious disease news, visit Be sure to follow the spread of outbreaks across the globe with the Contagion outbreak monitor.

For Contagion, I’m Grant Gallagher.

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