Contagion Live News Network: New COVID 19 Trial for Opaganib


A brief overview of our recent coverage.

Hello and welcome to Contagion — this is a brief overview of our recent coverage.

How have New York City intensive care units fared since the peak of the outbreak there? In an interview with Contagion, Bradley Sherman, MD, Medical Director and Chair of the Department of Medicine at Glen Cove Hospital, discussed the effect COVID-19 had on their ICU patient population—significantly more infected patients, significantly fewer non-COVID patients—and how it began to revert to the norm.

In other news, UK regulators approved the Phase 2/3 study of Opaganib against COVID-19. Opaganib is a first-in-class therapeutic under investigation in several indications. And lastly, while smallpox may not be in headlines today, the illness remains a threat. Visit Contagion for more on the stockpiling of 32 million dollars worth of the only FDA approved antipoxviral by the Department of Health and Human Services.

For Contagion, I’m assistant editor Grant Gallagher. Thanks for tuning in.

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