Ebola Virus Cases Reach 23 in Guinea, Africa Through Early 2021


An outbreak which began at an infected healthcare worker's funeral has resulted in nearly 100 contact follow-ups.

Ebola virus

Ebola virus cases have reached 23 in Guinea, according to a new report which indicates a steady escalation of the infection’s spread since the first case observed in the Africa country this February.

In a new report from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) on April 4, officials characterized the newest patients affected by the most recent outbreak of Ebola virus. Currently, 16 (70%) cases are confirmed, 7 (30%) are probable, and 12 (52%) have resulted in patient death.

Among the 12 deaths, 5 were from confirmed Ebola virus cases and 7 were from probably cases; 5 cases among healthcare workers have resulted in 2 deaths.

Another 2 (9%) of patients are currently hospitalized, and 9 (39%) have recovered. The gender disparity of cases is 12 men, and 11 women.

Officials responding the outbreak have thus far identified 97 Ebola virus contacts who have been followed up with in the Guinea county of N’Zérékoré, and another 5125 who have been vaccinated.

The hemorrhagic fever is present in N’Zérékoré the for the first time in 5 years. The first patient from the outbreak was identified in the region of Gouécké—a nurse who died from the virus this January.

“All other cases are from people who attended the funeral on February 1, 2021,” the IOM wrote. “On 14th February, 2021, the Guinean Ministry of Health (MoH) officially declared an outbreak of EVD.”

The IOM is currently collaborating with national officials to assure cross-border risks are assessed, case management does not result in further spread, surveillance and contact tracing is conducted, points of outbreak region entry are mitigated, and awareness on the spread is disseminated.

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