Shoutout to the Stewards: Holiday Edition


Contagion® radio is here to bring joy with every new antibiotic alert!

Agar Art Credit: Rositsa Tashkova

Are you stuck with the approval pager over the Christmas Holiday? Well, Contagion® radio is here to bring joy with every new antibiotic alert! N’sync your pager ring tone to one of these chart-topping Clinical Pearl Jams. Our cover band the Mötley Krüsei will be rockin’ in the hits while you are chipping away at that duration of therapy.

Tracks compiled by Monica Mahoney (@mmpharmD), Brian McCullough (@Freestylepharm1), Kyle Massey (@InfectiousPharm).

Shoutout to the Stewards

Holiday Edition Track List:

  1. 5 days of Christmas (because shorter is better)
  2. All I Want for Christmas is U(nasyn) (featuring Megan Seddon @ShorterSeddonRx)
  3. Ampho Bells
  4. Ave Malaria (featuring Drew Zimmer @zimrx17)
  5. Do You I&D What I I&D? (featuring Evan Wilson @evanwilsonrph)
  6. Feliz Candida
  7. Fosfo the Snowman
  8. God Rest Ye Merry Gent’micin (featuring Megan Seddon @ShorterSeddonRx)
  9. Good Kingella kingae (featuring Brandon Dionne @BWDionne)
  10. Grandma Got Run Over by Cefdinir (featuring Ben T @ABXsteward)
  11. Hark! The Approval Pager Rings
  12. Have Yourself a Merry Little Cryptococcus (featuring Drew Zimmer @zimrx17)
  13. I Want a Fluoroquinolone for Christmas
  14. It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like C. diff (featuring Maarten Van Hemelen @Elennaro and Megan Seddon @ShorterSeddonRx)
  15. Oh Holy Nitrite
  16. Oh Tygacil
  17. Super Bugs are Comin’ to Town (featuring Drew Zimmer @zimrx7)
  18. Vanco Baby (featuring Brian Gilbert @GilbertPharmD)
  19. Vanco the Red-Man’s Reindeer

Monica V. Mahoney, PharmD, BCPS AQ-ID, BCIDP (@mmpharmD) is a clinical pharmacy specialist of outpatient ID clinics/OPAT clinic in the Department of Pharmacy at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. She is Contagion®'s In the Literature Section Editor and an active member of the Society of Infectious Diseases Pharmacists (SIDP).Brian McCullough, PharmD, BCPS, (@Freestylepharm1), is an assistant professor in the School of Pharmacy at Husson University.Kyle Massey, PharmD, (@InfectiousPharm), is an ID pharmacist and Maine Medical Center. He is an active member of SIDP.

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