Survey: When It Comes to Preventing HAIs, Where Should We Turn Our Attention?


Do some healthcare-associated infections receive more attention at your institution than others? Has your institution committed to using single-use medical devices to stave off infections? The editorial staff at Contagion® wants your feedback. Please take this brief survey to weigh-in.

Survey: Where Does Your Institution Focus Its Infection Prevention Efforts?

Healthcare-associated infection (HAI) prevention programs and efforts are continually changing, and the editorial staff at Contagion® reports on these changes daily. But more importantly, you, the practitioner, see these changes happening in real-time in your hospitals, and acute and long-term care facilities.

As new research reveals more information about the pathogens that cause these potentially deadly infections, new infection prevention techniques come to light, and old practices are sometimes questioned. From the use of ultraviolet light machines to destroy superbugs in hospital rooms, and examining the limitations of contact precautions for patients with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, to the increased use of disposable medical devices, the landscape of infection prevention methods is constantly evolving.

Although senior leadership in your organization may be responsible for the decision-making process on many of the infection prevention methods followed at your institution, you are the one responsible for enacting and performing these practices. As such, we at Contagion® want to know what practices you are using “in the trenches,” and which infections your institutions focus on most.

That’s why we created this brief poll. Completing this poll will not only provide us with greater insight about which infection prevention practices are followed at your institution, but it will also help us as we continue to shape our future editorial direction.

Our goal is to make Contagion® as useful as possible, to you, the practitioner. Taking this survey will help us gauge which topics matter most to our audience.

You can take the survey here.

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