The Latest in Hepatitis News, Therapies


There is a lot going on in this area in medicine and here is the most up-to-date news on health programs and therapies.

May is Hepatitis Awareness month and provides a time to reflect on everything from curative treatments to developing therapies and vaccines.

On the treatment side, there is a curative treatment for hepatitis C, and other treatments in clinical trials for hepatitis B and D. For hepatitis D, there is a therapy that might be approved in Europe soon and possibly in the United States later this year.

Although there is a lot of encouraging developments on the therapy side, on the awareness side, education is limited and needs to be revamped. As Thelma Thiel founder of the Liver Health Initiative wrote recently, "we also need to work towards greater education of our youth as well as our adults about liver health and develop the knowledge in trying to prevent viral hepatitis transmission."

Check out our updates on some of the latest news in hepatitis treatment.

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