World AMR Congress: An Opportunity to Discuss Therapies, Governmental Affairs and Advocacy


This conference is addressing antimicrobial resistance (AMR) from different perspectives and look at strategies to reduce this global health problem.

According to the World Health Organization as well as governmental regulatory bodies around the world, antimicrobial resistance continues to be a major global health issue. Key steps need to prevent the increasing resistance in many areas of antimicrobial treatment.

One event that is looking to address the resistance problem is the upcoming World AMR Congress, which will be held in Philadelphia, Pa on September 7-8. Attendees expected to be there include biopharmaceutical companies, regulators, representatives of governmental agencies, associations, hospitals, academia, and other key stakeholders. Everyone there will be looking to come together and discuss solutions and progress on reducing AMR.

According to the conference organizers, there will be a wide array of topics being presented and discussed.

“Some of these topic areas are AMR Preparedness at a global level, AI and antibiotics, the UK subscription model for new antibiotics, antibiotic commercialization strategies, the role of stewardship diagnostics, vaccines to combat AMR, and other infectious diseases,” Semen Sen, general manager, World AMR Congress, said.

“I'm excited about hearing about the BBC's short film that they've done on the race against resistance. And I'm also looking forward to the closing session—that's with the world's only dedicated AMR ambassador from Sweden,” said John Alter, head of External Affairs, AMR Action Fund.

Contagion spoke to Sen and Alter about the upcoming conference and they offered more insights on what attendees can expect from the congress.

For those interested in learning more about the conference, or registering for it, they can go here.

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