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10th IAS Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2019)

Select coverage from 10th IAS Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2019) is included below:

Outreach Can Provide Needed Boost to Begin, Continue ART
Initiating and adhering to ART is a difficult task for a significant number of people living with HIV. A new study shows that making a concerted effort to find and encourage this population to get the care they need is not an impossible dream.
Dual Therapy MK-8591 Plus Doravirine Efficacious in Treatment-Naive PLWH
The percentage of participants who achieved HIV-1 RNA< 50 copies/mL in the 0.25 mg, 0.75 mg, 2.25 mg MK-8591 dose groups was 89.7%, 90.0%, and 77.4%, respectively, at week 48.
ADVANCE: 48-Week Data Support Dolutegravir-Containing ART Regimens
At week 48, 83.8% of participants in the TAF/FTC/DTG arm had HIV RNA < 50 copies/mL, 84.9% for TDF/FTC/DTG and 78.6% for TDF/FTC/EFV. 
Week 96 GEMINI Results Reinforce Efficacy of DTG/3TC
GEMINI 1 & 2 are phase 3, randomized, double-blind, multicenter studies evaluating the 2-drug regimen of DTG/3TC in comparison with the 3-drug regimen of DTG + TDF/FTC.
HOPE: Dapivirine Vaginal Ring a Promising HIV Prevention Modality
The final results of HOPE, a phase 3 open-label extension trial, show high uptake and lower-than-anticipated HIV-1 incidence.
TANGO: Switch to DTG/3TC Non-Inferior to 3 Drug TAF-Containing Regimen
New results indicate that the study met its primary end point for non-inferiority based on the proportion of participants with plasma HIV-1 RNA > 50 copies per mL at week 48.
ImPrEP Study: Same-Day PrEP Initiation Results in Good Overall Continuation Among MSM, TGW
With 1329.6 person-years of PrEP use accumulated, early continuation was achieved by 79.8% of participants.
ASCENT: Mosaic-Based Vaccine Induces High Immune Response Against Broad Range of HIV Subtypes
The phase 2a study compares a bivalent combination of Clade C and Mosaic gp140 with a single-valent Clade C gp140.