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 48th Critical Care Congress

Select coverage from 48th Critical Care Congress is included below:

Use of Respiratory Viral Panels Does Not Impact Clinical Outcomes in ICU Patients
A study reports that a respiratory virus infection diagnosis was not linked with a decrease in antibiotic exposure and use of respiratory viral panels did not affect clinical outcomes.
Stewardship-Led Communication Improves Outcomes for Patients With Positive Cultures
Following implementation of stewardship program-guided blood culture communication process, the time to optimal therapy was 9.2 hours shorter for patients at Saint Luke’s Hospital.
Antibiotic Use Following Ventilation for RSV Linked to Shortened Clinical Courses
Antibiotic prescription following ventilation in children with RSV-LRTI was associated with a 1.21-day shorter duration of ventilation and a 2.07-day shorter length of hospital stay.
Hospital-Onset Sepsis Twice as Deadly as Community-Onset Sepsis, Study Finds
Hospital-onset sepsis is twice as deadly as community-onset sepsis and increases the risk of death 3-fold, according to the results of a cohort study comprising 2.3 million adult patients.