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Saskia v. Popescu - Page 8

Saskia v. Popescu, MPH, MA, CIC, is a hospital epidemiologist and infection preventionist with Phoenix Children's Hospital. During her work as an infection preventionist she performed surveillance for infectious diseases, preparedness, and Ebola-response practices. She is currently a PhD candidate in Biodefense at George Mason University where her research focuses on the role of infection prevention in facilitating global health security efforts. She is certified in Infection Control.
Global health security impacts us all and without the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA), we may see an increase in global public health crises.
The latest World Health Organization report points to high MERS transmission risk in hospitals.
Biosurveillance plays a vital role in biodefense efforts.
In a time of growing population and dependence on food, what methods are the best to use for food safety detection?
Ebola virus tracking and mechanisms to detect threats to our national food supply are highlighted.
What does the latest news of Stanford Healthcare safety failures really tell us?
For the most challenging of microbial threats, one microbiologist is trying an old tactic in a new era.
A Canadian researcher recently built horsepox from mail-ordered DNA and with it comes an extra delivery of dual-use scrutiny.
Big advances in treatment can