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<i>Clostridium Difficile</i>: Avoiding High-Risk Antibiotics
Following in-depth discussions regarding the risk for developing Clostridium difficile with the use of certain antibiotic therapies, Daniel E. Freedberg, MD, MS; Dale N. Gerding, MD; Yoav Golan, MD, MS; and Peter L. Salgo, MD, suggest how antimicrobial stewardship can improve patient outcomes.
<i>Pseudomonas</i> Infections in the ICU: Who's Susceptible?
Peter L. Salgo, MD; Marin Hristos Kollef, MD; Jason Pogue, PharmD, BCPS-AQID; Yoav Golan, MD; and Andrew Shorr, MD, identify which patients are most susceptible to Pseudomonas infections and address the settings in which risk for infection is greatest.
<i>C. difficile</i> Rates in the United Kingdom
Dr. Richard Vickers, discusses C. difficile rates in the United Kingdom.
What Are the Next Steps for Ridinilazole?
Dr. Richard Vickers, discusses what the next steps are for Summit Therapeutic’s ridinilazole.
What to Consider When Calling For Cultures
Marin H. Kollef, MD, discusses what to consider when calling for cultures.
Community Sources of <i>Clostridium difficile</i>
Following a general discussion on risk factors for Clostridium difficile, Lawrence J. Brandt, MD; Erik Dubberke, MD; Dale N. Gerding, MD; Yoav Golan, MD, MS; and Peter L. Salgo, MD, distinguish which factors increase the likelihood for community onset.
How Does Ridinilazole Affect the Gut Microbiome?
Dr. Richard Vickers, explains how ridinilazole affected the gut microbiome in participants of a phase 2 study.
How Much Does It Cost to Develop New Drugs?
Glenn Tillotson, PhD, FIDSA, discusses the costs of drug development.
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