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Polypharmacy: What Is It and How Does Impact People Living With HIV
Jennifer Cocohoba, PharmD, summarizes her ANAC 2019 presentation on polypharmacy and how it affects people living with HIV.
Cognitive Training for People With HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorder
In an interview at ANAC 2019, Shameka L. Cody, PhD, AGNP-C, discusses the impact of cognitive training on quality of life outcomes for people with HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder.
Importance of Empathy in HIV Treatment
Timothy Ray Brown, formerly known as the “Berlin Patient” explains why it is important for providers to form relationships with patients and avoid stigma and judgment.
The Importance of Including Women in HIV Cure-Related Research
Brian Minalga, MSW, discusses research on the historical exclusion of women in HIV cure-related research.
Challenges of Self-Managing HIV and Diabetes
Julie Zuñiga, PhD, RN, shares findings from her research on self-management of the dual diagnosis of HIV and diabetes.
Timothy Ray Brown: HIV Cure Cheerleader
Timothy Ray Brown is the first person to ever be cured of HIV. He discusses his decision to no longer remain anonymous and why he shares his story with the world.
HIV Clinic Improvement and Community Engagement
Gregory Felzien, MD, discusses the surprising benefits HIV clinics encounter when they enhance community engagement.
Community-Based HIV Care Models in Chicago
Max Brito, MD, MPH, discusses his presentation from IDWeek 2019 which compared HIV treatment in a community-based model versus a hospital-based model in Chicago.
Is there a cure? How long until we find it? And will it work for the majority of people living with HIV?