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First Possible HIV Remission Case without Bone Marrow Transplant Observed
A 34-year-old Brazilian man's HIV was undetectable 57 weeks after ending a heightened regimen of ART.
Switching to Second-Line Therapy Versus First-Line Antiretroviral
In low-level HIV-1 viraemia patients, this strategy demonstrated viral suppression in more than half of a study's participants.
Survey: Two-Thirds of US Adults Have Not Received HIV Testing
Despite being recommended at least once among all persons aged 13-64 years old by the CDC, notably few respondents have ever been tested for HIV.
Combatting Virologic Failure in Children with HIV using Targeted Drug Resistance Testing
Guidelines recommend concentrated adherence counseling and frequent viral load testing for virologic failure, but drug resistance testing is often excluded.
Eight-Week Cabotegravir Injection Has HIV PrEP Potential
Interim analysis shows a long-acting injectable was associated with fewer HIV infections than daily oral PrEP in a diverse population of HIV-risk participants.
Doravirine Benefits HIV-1 Patients with Common RAMs
A retrospective analysis of the DRIVE-FORWARD and DRIVE-AHEAD trials shows treatment-naive patients particularly fared well from the novel agent.
UNAIDS Report: Inequality and Coronavirus Risk a Decade of HIV Progress
A report released for AIDS 2020 warns the international AIDS response could be set back substantially by ongoing events.
Clinics Test Long-Acting HIV Therapy Implementation Strategies in Cabotegravir-Rilpivirine Trial
CUSTOMIZE was designed to identify methods of implementing an experimental once-monthly, long-acting regimen antiretroviral therapy against HIV-1 into clinical practice.
Is there a cure? How long until we find it? And will it work for the majority of people living with HIV?