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HIV / AIDS NEWS - Page 3

UNAIDS Report: Inequality and Coronavirus Risk a Decade of HIV Progress
A report released for AIDS 2020 warns the international AIDS response could be set back substantially by ongoing events.
Clinics Test Long-Acting HIV Therapy Implementation Strategies in Cabotegravir-Rilpivirine Trial
CUSTOMIZE was designed to identify methods of implementing an experimental once-monthly, long-acting regimen antiretroviral therapy against HIV-1 into clinical practice.
FDA Approves Fostemsavir for At-Need Adults with HIV
The indication is granted on the strength of clinical evidence showing 60% of treated patients achieved HIV RNA suppression at 96 weeks.
How Close Are We to a Cure for HIV?
Evolving research has led the infectious diseases community to redefine its definition of cure.
Adolescent HIV Prevention: Overcoming the PrEP
Conversations about PrEP with a clinician are the least common among adolescents with the greatest risk for HIV.
Examining the Impact of HIV Drug Costs on Medicare Patients
Sky-high HIV drugs costs are a significant barrier to adherence and our goal of eradicating the virus.
What 25 Years of the HIV Outpatient Study Has Shown
HOPS offers an abundance of data on the evolution of HIV that can guide the management of the disease.
COVID-19 in People Living With HIV
A hospital case series of patients with both COVID-19 and HIV describes recovery, but highlights the need to refine treatment.