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HIV / AIDS NEWS - Page 6

Risk of HIV/AIDS Among Transgender Individuals Remains High, as Testing Rates Are Still Low: Public Health Watch
Data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System indicate two-thirds of transgender men and women have not been tested for HIV/AIDS.
Women Living With HIV and Menopause: Bridging the Data Gap
Women living with HIV are at elevated risk for comorbidities as their life expectancy increases. 
Endocarditis Joins HIV and Hepatitis Among Infections Related to Opioid Epidemic: Public Health Watch
Infections associated with the ongoing opioid epidemic in the United States apparently know no bounds.
Treating Hepatitis C Virus and HIV Coinfections in Intravenous Drug Users
Unique considerations are called for when caring for intravenous drug users with newly diagnosed HIV/HCV coinfections.
HIV Drug Tenofovir Alafenamide Offers Safety, Noninferiority to Abacavir
Study results confirm both drug regimens are solid choices for many patients with HIV.
National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day: Education is Key to Stopping HIV
On National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day we take a closer look at how the HIV/AIDS epidemic impacts younger individuals and what can be done to cut back on new diagnoses.
Emergency Department Plays Critical Part in Diagnosis of HIV in Low-Resource Area
Results from a Johns Hopkins study conducted at Frere Hospital in South Africa indicate that emergency departments play a critical role in promoting HIV testing.
Hospital Patients in Colorado at Risk of Hepatitis & HIV Following Surgery
The risk comes after it was found that surgical instruments used for orthopedic and spine surgeries were not cleaned properly and consequently, the sterilization of those instruments was compromised.