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Herpesvirus Could Potentially Be Linked to Alzheimer's Disease
Researchers have detected herpesviruses, HHV-6A and HHV-7, in the brains of patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.
Top Infectious Disease News of the Week—June 17, 2018
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Does Conceiving While on ART Pose a Pregnancy Risk?
Study results appear to indicate that conceiving while on ART poses a greater risk of stillbirth and miscarriage; however, further analysis revealed a lack of association between ART & poor outcomes.
Implants for Delivery of Antiretroviral Drugs for HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis
Implants are promising for long-term, sustained, and reversible delivery of ARV drugs that may bypass adherence challenges for end users.
Two-Drug HIV Regimen May Control Virus in Treatment-Naive Patients
ViiV Healthcare study results suggest a 2-drug regimen may control HIV in treatment-naïve patients. 
Cancer Rates Highest in Virally Unsuppressed Veterans With HIV
Having HIV increases cancer risk, but long-term viral suppression, as well as early treatment, can significantly lower chances of a cancer diagnosis.
Tracking Opioid Use Among Those With HIV: A Potential Cause for Concern—Public Health Watch
A new study reveals that HIV clinicians may not be doing enough to monitor for opioid abuse/misuse among patients.
Top Infectious Disease News of the Week—June 3, 2018
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