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A Deep Dive into the Dean Street Express Clinic Model for Quick Anonymous STI Self-testing

Send symptomatic patients  to the highest level of staff and have the simpler work done by staff who are paid less. Have the users take their own history, which avoids transcription errors.
Always pilot the change. Have a goal and reward your staff for performance. "Every month we award a £20 voucher. And at every Christmas party, we have staff-nominated Golden Swab Awards in ridiculous categories—it's a great honor to receive a Golden Swab Award."
"It's really difficult to shift social norms," Dr. McCormack noted. "Antibiotic resistance is definitely a potential threat but resistance to change is the greater threat."
"What I love about PrEP is that it's an incentive to bring people into the clinic we may not have seen before and an incentive to engage them in regular testing. It's definitely going to stop HIV increasing at the same rate as the other STIs go up, and it's an opportunity that you cannot ignore. It's an opportunity that Ward Cates would not want you to ignore."
The Ward Cates Memorial Lecture was given to honor Dr. Willard (Ward) Cates Jr., MD, MPH, former CDC epidemiologist who became the agency's director of the Division of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. At the time of his death in March 2016, he was the president emeritus of research at Family Health International (now FHI 360).

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DISCLOSURES: Gilead supported all the trials by supplying free drug and a grant for diagnostics and start-up costs of the pilot phase of the PROUD study.
SOURCES: Quotes: audio recording and interview
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