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Ebola Infection May Provide Partial Immunity to Other Filoviruses

Study results also revealed that antibodies specific for nucleoprotein were detectable up to 14 years after SUDV infection, and that antibodies against VP40, NP, and GP remained significantly elevated 7 years after the outbreak of (BDBV) infections.
"Our study suggests that survival from infection caused by one species may impart at least partial immunity to other filoviruses, and specific antibodies are maintained for years after infection. Concurrent detection of antibody responses to multiple antigens from one species using the microarray system may increase accuracy of results, while the inclusion of probes for multiple viral species facilitates a broader, high-throughput, analysis of infection history," Dr. Natesan said.
Regarding the broader implications of his team's study results, Dr. Natesan told Contagion, "The severe shortage of diagnostic assays and medical interventions during the recent Ebola epidemic motivated us to develop a better way to examine immune responses to infection. We envision that the microarray assay may be particularly useful for disease surveillance among human and potential zoonotic populations."
William Perlman, PhD, CMPP is a former research scientist currently working as a medical/scientific content development specialist. He earned his BA in Psychology from Johns Hopkins University, his PhD in Neuroscience at UCLA, and completed three years of postdoctoral fellowship in the Neuropathology Section of the Clinical Brain Disorders Branch of the National Institute of Mental Health.
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