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Repurposing Licensed Drugs for Use Against the Zika Virus

MAR 03, 2017 | SARAH ANWAR
Next, the research team sought to determine the level of effectiveness an anti-arbovirus drug truly needs. Dr. Malone discussed this factor in an exclusive interview with Contagion®.


From there, the research team was able to define their target product profile. According to Dr. Malone, the team aimed to answer the question, “what drugs are available that work by these mechanisms of action that are already licensed that are compatible with what we know about the virus pathology and what we want to use as the end-point for licensure?”
The research team then used the “best available” high-throughput tools to test which compounds were active with multiple different viral isolates and multiple human cell types. They narrowed these down to 5 compounds and a few combinations that were suitable for animal testing.

Big advances in treatment can