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Taking A Closer Look at Humanized Monoclonal Antibody PRO 140 for HIV Treatment

The treatment also provides a buffer: patients could miss a treatment for up to 3 days, according to Dr. Pourhassan. “Many patients said they’d love to have an injection only per week, not a combination of injection and pills,” he stated. “Eight of our patients have almost gone 3 years with a simple injection per week.”

A notable addition to the trial was volunteer patient, actor Charlie Sheen, who publicly announced his HIV-positive status in November 2015.

Sheen reached out to CytoDyn last year, Dr. Pourhassan shared. At the time, his treatment included 4 weekly pill drugs, and he expressed interest in participating in the PRO 140 clinical trial. After consideration from advisors and the company board, he was allowed to participate under one stipulation: he had to follow the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation for the trial.

Sheen has been taking the treatment for 15 months now, according to Dr. Pourhassan. In fact, in text message conversations, the actor has thanked Dr. Pourhassan for “saving his life.” Those sentiments, coupled with the positive results of ongoing trial patients, is giving researchers affirmation.

“Their testimonies are that their lives have changed,” Dr. Pourhassan shared.

For now, PRO 140’s potential for limited treatment toxicity and use in HIV suppression is at CytoDyn’s forefront.

“We do have something we believe will change the paradigm of HIV treatment,” Dr. Pourhassan concluded.
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