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Top 5 Contagion® News Articles for the Week of April 9, 2017

#3: Does an 80,000-Pound Brisket Recall Affect Your Passover Dinner?
The spring holiday season is upon us, and last week individuals celebrated Passover. The holiday is traditionally celebrated with a healthy serving of brisket, but a recent recall of 80,000 pounds of boneless beef products in late March may have put a damper on some celebrations.
According to the recall, the H&B Packing Company, in Waco, Texas, issued the recall as a result of potential contamination with Escherichia coli. Although the strain of the bacteria, a non-O157 Shiga toxin-producing strain, is known to cause food-borne illness if consumed, at the time of the recall, no cases had been reported. Perhaps more worrisome, however, is that the incubation period for the strains can take up to 8 days, and therefore, it can sometimes be difficult to trace back the source of illness.
A similar outbreak of this strain of bacteria in beef products was last seen in the United States back in the Fall of 2016. During this outbreak, seven individuals in four states were diagnosed with infection and five of those individuals were hospitalized.
Because brisket can be host to bacteria as it is known to sit out for long hours at holiday buffets and celebrations, those preparing the food should take extra care to ensure they are cooking, storing, and serving the meat properly to reduce risk of food-borne illness.
Read more about the brisket recall here.

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