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Top 5 Contagion® News Articles for the Week of June 18, 2017


#3: Study Identifies Link Between Vitamin A Levels and Tuberculosis 

Based on their findings, the authors believe vitamin A deficiency has a potential role in identifying individuals at risk for TB, and that vitamin A supplementation may be an effective—and cost-effective—method for preventing new infections. On the latter point, Dr. Murray and her team are in the process of applying for a National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant to fund a study assessing the possible benefits of vitamin A supplementation in this setting.  
“This is one of the strongest risk factors reported in a large epidemiological study in years,” Dr. Murray said in a statement released by Harvard Medical School in conjunction with the study’s publication. “If the link is affirmed in a clinical trial of vitamin A supplementation, it would make a powerful case for using this approach to prevent TB in people at high risk of disease. It’s exciting to think that something as simple and inexpensive as supplementing people’s diets with vitamin A may be a powerful tool for preventing TB.”
Learn more about this recent study here

#2: FDA Approved New Fluoroquinolone for ABSSSI 

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has just approved Melinta Therapeutics’ delafloxacin (Baxdela), a new fluoroquinolone drug designed to treat acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections in adults.    
The Baxdela New Drug Application (NDA) approvals were supported by two phase 3 studies in patients with skin and skin structure infections, demonstrating that IV and oral Baxdela monotherapy was statistically non-inferior to the combination of vancomycin plus aztreonam at the FDA primary endpoint of early clinical response at 48-72 hours, according to a statement from Melinta.  
Baxdela was well tolerated with a 0.9% discontinuation rate in the phase 3 studies due to adverse events. In addition, Baxdela has not shown any potential for QT prolongation or phototoxicity in definitive clinical studies. There have been no signals of adverse effects on liver function, kidney function, or glucose regulation in controlled clinical studies.
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