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Zika Virus and Chikungunya Co-Infection May Result in Prolonged Infection

FEB 24, 2017 | SARAH ANWAR
In an exclusive interview with Contagion®, Dr. Cavalcanti explained why prolonged RNA shedding delays diagnosis of Zika co-infection, as well as discussed Zika infection in a patient with lupus.

Dr. Cavalcanti concluded her presentation with some key findings from her team's research:
  1. Individuals mono-infected with Zika virus may exhibit persistent and prolonged Zika virus RNA shedding in urine and blood;
  2. Asymptomatic individuals who have lab-confirmed Zika virus mono-infection exhibited prolonged Zika virus RNA shedding;
  3. In regions known to be endemic for other arboviruses, especially Chikungunya virus, prolonged Zika RNA shedding may be attributed to co-infection;
  4. There may be a trend between persistent RNA shedding and prolonged duration of symptoms;
  5. There is a higher morbidity rate associated with Zika and Chikungunya co-infection; and finally
  6. Co-infection with Zika virus and Chikungunya should be considered to be a risk factor for prolonged RNA shedding.
First International Conference on Zika Virus
Exclusive interview with Contagion®
Session 1: Zika Epidemiology
Viral RNA Shedding During Asymptomatic and Symptomatic ZIKV Mono-Infection and ZIKV/CHIKV Co-Infection in Brazilian Cases: Implications in Clinical Outcomes
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