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The Liver Health Initiative

Latest from The Liver Health Initiative

Can We Eliminate Hepatitis C?

September 07, 2022

WHO and CDC have laid out some ambitious goals for the treatment of hepatitis C, and HCV co-discoverer and vaccine developer Micheal Houghton, PhD, offers some insights and commentary on whether he feels it is realistic to consider the eradication of this stubborn and subtle virus.

Bridging Science and Education Together to Eliminate Hepatitis C

September 07, 2022

The Liver Health Initiative’s Thelma King Thiel, and HCV co-discoverer and vaccine developer Michael Houghton, PhD, are a “Dynamic Duo” that are working together to bring about an end to this virus.

The Missing Link in Eliminating Viral Hepatitis B & C

February 28, 2017

Elimination of viral hepatitis depends on individuals actively participating in their own healthcare and management. They can only do this if they understand why and how to protect their miraculous, life-sustaining liver from harm. Education is the key to prevention.