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Balancing Safety & Privacy With COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps
Miriam Isola, PhD, talks to us about the use of phone apps for COVID-19 contact tracing.
Evaluating Favipiravir For COVID 19
Armand Balboni, MD, PHD, CEO of Appili Therapeutics, discusses work with favipiravir on a new front for the drug — the global search for COVID-19 treatment and prevention therapies.
What Can Benefit COVID-19 Vaccine Research
Patient stratification, demographic representations, and plasma collection could aid the pursuit for an efficacious prophylaxis.
Contagion Live News Network: The VIRUS Global COVID-19 Registry
A summary of Contagion's top stories for May 15, 2020.
How Pharmacists Are Fighting COVID-19 Misinformation
Elizabeth Leung, PharmD, shares SIDP's educational efforts surrounding COVID-19 treatment.
Long-Acting Injectables to Treat HIV
An overview on the challenges with the use of first-generation long-acting injectables.
Adam Brufsky, MD: COVID-19 & Spike Protein Glycosylation
In the first part of a discussion with the medical oncologist from UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, Brufsky discusses the potential role of hyperglycemia in severity of COVID-19.
Is there a cure? How long until we find it? And will it work for the majority of people living with HIV?