CDC Director: Recommends Authorization for Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine


This decision follows votes to allow the vaccine to be indicated for prevention of the virus in adults 18 years and older.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky, MD, MPH, gave her approval to recommend authorizing the Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine for use in preventing the virus in adults 18 years and older.

“Today, we have expanded the options available to adults in the US by recommending another safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine," Walensky said. "If you have been waiting for a COVID-19 vaccine built on a different technology than those previously available, now is the time to join the millions of Americans who have been vaccinated. With COVID-19 cases on the rise again across parts of the country, vaccination is critical to help protect against the complications of severe COVID-19 disease.”

Last week, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized the vaccine.
Now with the CDC signing off on the authorization, Novavax’s COVID-19 vaccine will be available in the coming weeks.

The federal government secured an initial 3.2 million doses of the Novavax vaccine, with plans to make them available for free to the public, as administered by health care professionals.

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