Contagion Live News Network: Coronavirus Updates for March 20, 2020


Stay on top of coronavirus developments from March 20, 2020.

Welcome to the Contagion Live News Network. I’m Michaela Fleming and this is the coronavirus update for Friday March 20, 2020.

The National Institutes of Health has announced new information on just how long the novel coronavirus can persist on surfaces. According to the agency, the virus’s stability is similar to the original SARS virus and is stable for several hours to days, depending on the surface.

Be sure to check out new articles in the Contagion coronavirus condition center including details on potential targets for immune responses to the novel coronavirus, updated details on person-to-person transmission of the virus, and the US government’s guidelines for slowing the spread of the virus over a 15-day period.

Don’t miss the latest episode of the Contagion Connect podcast. In this new episode Contagion editor Grant Gallagher speaks with Seth, an America citizen participating in a teaching program in China who describes life under quarantine near the source of the pandemic.

In case you missed it, Contagion® is hosting a live CME webinar on what clinicians need to know amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Speakers will include Dr. Jason Gallagher, Dr. Carlos del Rio, Dr. Helen Boucher, and Dr. Stanley Deresinski. Registration details are available on our website.

For more on these stories, COVID-19, and the latest infectious disease news, visit To track the spread of coronavirus in the United States and abroad, be sure to use the Contagion Outbreak Monitor.

For the Contagion Live News Network, I’m Michaela Fleming. Thanks for watching.

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