COVID-19 Coalition: US Not Containing Pandemic as Well as Other Nations


In a survey, a panel of experts sees the American response as problematic and weighs in on universal masking.

According to a survey taken by the MJH Life Sciences COVID-19 Coalition, the experts believe the US has not been able to contain the pandemic as well as other nations due to a few factors. The Coalition responded to the survey with widespread misinformation (33.1%), and a lack of comprehensive national strategy (33.1%), being the biggest reasons. The lack of public health leadership (22.2%) was the second largest response and the remaining 11% of the survey participants responded with the choice of Other.

The Coalition said the best way to combat misinformation was to share truthful, unbiased science through social media.

In addition, 55% of the Coalition said they believe the only way to receive cooperation on universal masking ordinances was through national legislation.

The Coalition is made up of 10 nationally recognized experts in infectious disease, public health, epidemiology, and virology. The Coalition works to generate the most accurate, up-to-the-minute information on the pandemic's ever-evolving impact on health care professionals and the patients they treat.

covid-19 survey

They host biweekly webinars with discussions, viewpoints, audience Q&A, and an array of insight pieces on key COVID-related topics. Be sure to visit the Coalition's web page here for the latest updates.

The Coalition is hosting its next webinar, Thinking Long-Term: COVID-19’s Clinical Consequences and Mental Health Effects,” on Thursday, November 12 at 7:30pm EST.

The webinar panel will discuss existing data on COVID-19’s clinical course and potential long-term health consequences, as well as the pandemic’s effect on the mental health of children and young adults navigating a virtual lifestyle.

Listen in to the experts and ask questions.

To sign-up go here.

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