Israel Reports First Case of ‘Flurona’


A pregnant woman is reported to be the country’s first person to be infected simultaneously with COVID-19 and influenza.


A woman who was pregnant was reported to be the first case in Israel of a person who became simultaneously infected with both COVID-19 and influenza. This phenomenon is colloquially being referred to as the “flurona,” or “twindemic.”

According to one report the woman was unvaccinated, spent time in the hospital and is now out and in good condition.

Public health officials have been openly concerned about people contracting both going back to 2020. As such, clinicians and officials have been stressing the importance of vaccinations for both. People are able to get both vaccines at the same time with one in each arm.

Contagion recently released an e-book discussing this confounding condition. To learn more about the convergence of the 2 viruses, check out the recently published Twindemic: Potential Ramifications of COVID-19 and Flu Convergence, which aims to provide a prospective look into the biggest topics and opinions surrounding the flu season and how it can be affected by COVID-19.

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