Today Marks National HIV Testing Day


As this annual day of recognition gets underway, free testing can be found throughout the United States.

Today, June 27, marks National HIV Testing Day, which symbolizes the importance and recognition to get tested and for those who test positive, get into the continuum of care.

According to, the theme for this year is, “Take the Test & Take the Next Step.” For people who receive a positive test result, they can begin antiretroviral therapy (ART) HIV treatment.

And for those who receive a negative result, they can receive HIV prevention tools such as condoms, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) medication, as well as other sexual health services such as vaccines and testing for sexually transmitted infections.

One example of a company participating in today’s event is Walgreens who is teaming up with Greater Than HIV, a public information initiative of the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), along with health departments and community organizations, to provide free HIV testing and counseling.

“This unique community-led effort brings people together in a familiar setting to receive a free HIV test, get the latest on HIV prevention and treatment and connect with local services,” said Tina Hoff, senior vice president, KFF, said in a statement. “Our Greater Than HIV and Walgreens National HIV Community Partnership provides a great opportunity to help people know their HIV status and take action to protect their health.”

The day was first observed on June 27, 1995, and has expanded greatly over the years and is part of the overall public health initiative, Ending the HIV Epidemic in the United States, which looks to reduce HIV incidence rates.

To learn more about it, read more on the advancements and progress of the initiative by Jessica Tuan MD, MS, AAHIVS.

Although there has been a reduction of HIV rates ongoing for years in the US overall, certain regions in the country, particularly the south, have seen increases, so it remains important to remain vigilant and aware of the virus.

For those interested in getting tested and want to find a participating Walgreens, people can visit

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