What is the Impact of PrEP and ART on HIV Prevention?


This is our inaugural segment for our new video series, 1 Big Question, where we ask the medical community a question about a significant infectious disease topic and get feedback from them.

Video Highlights

1:43 Ann Melvin, MD, MPH

3:03 Jessica Islam, PhD, MPH

5:36 Parastu Kasaie, PhD

6:48 Patricia de los Rios

Welcome to our series, 1 Big Question, which asks 1 question to the medical community and we get their feedback on an important infectious disease topic.

In this episode, our 1 Big Question is: With the greater adaption of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) therapy and the significant impact antiretroviral therapy (ART) has had, do you think medicine is doing a better job at HIV care and prevention?

We interviewed Ann Melvin, MD, MPH, director of HIV Program, Seattle Children’s Hospital; Jessica Islam, PhD, MPH, epidemiologist, Moffitt Cancer Center; Parastu Kasaie, PhD, assistant scientist, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; and Patricia de los Rios, Global Medical Affairs director, ViiV Healthcare.

Check out the video to hear their insights.

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