What's New in 2017: Express Scripts Adds Hepatitis C Drug Harvoni to National List


Harvoni has been added to Express Script’s formulary and will be available from the company’s Hepatitis Cure Value Program.

On January 1, the hepatitis C virus (HCV) drug Harvoni will be available from Express Scripts’ Hepatitis Cure Value Program.

The program fulfills prescriptions through Accredo, the pharmacy benefits manager’s (PBM) in-house specialty pharmacy, according to Fierce Pharma.

After AbbVie launched its competing drug Viekira Pak, Express Scripts made an exclusive arrangement with the drug manufacturer, subsequently excluding Gilead’s Sovaldi and Harvoni from the PBM’s 2015 and 2016 formulary lists.

Now, Viekira Pak will share its formulary spot with Harvoni, which will provide 25 million patients with access to Gilead’s drug.

In a statement, Express Scripts said that the inclusion of Harvoni will expand treatment options, while continuing to lower the treatment costs nearly 50%, according to Fierce Pharma.

Tensions between the companies began after the FDA approved Gilead’s breakthrough HCV treatment, Sovaldi. The drug was set at a list price of $84,000 and was heavily criticized by Express Scripts.

At the time, Steve Miller, chief medical officer of Express Scripts told Bloomberg, “What they (Gilead) have done with this particular drug will break the country. It will make pharmacy benefits no longer sustainable. Companies just aren’t going to be able to handle paying for this drug.”

However, the companies have now reached an accord to include the drug on the formulary list, according to Fierce Pharma.

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