Who is the Target Population for Raltegravir HD?


Pedro Cahn, MD, explains who the target population is for raltegravir HD.

Pedro Cahn, MD, Chief, Infectious Disease Unit, Juan A. Fernandez Hospital; and lead study investigator for the onceMRK Phase 3 clinical trial explains who the target population is for raltegravir HD.

Interview Transcript (modified slightly for readability):

“First of all, raltegravir is part of the major international guidelines as one of the preferred drugs [to treat HIV]. You can see this in the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) panel from the United States and the Indian Health Service panel, the European guidelines, etc. [The treatment has been] twice-a-day, and I assume that the guidelines will rapidly adopt the once-a-day formulation as a preferred option.

I think that another population that could rapidly move to raltegravir once-a-day is the 100s of thousands of people that are currently on the raltegravir twice-a-day formulation. They will switch to raltegravir once-a-day because it is better. If you are on a treatment that requires you to take a pill twice-a-day, and your doctor offers you a way to continue with the same treatment, but only take a pill once-a-day, you would probably select the once-a-day treatment.”

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