World Hepatitis Day: An Opportunity to Remember and Think Forward


This day reflects the importance of remembering people who have been affected by the disease as well as a reminder to remain safe and get tested.

World Hepatitis Day is a day to say thank you to all the special reseachers, healthcare providers, friends, and the members of the World Hepatitis Alliance who are dedicated to helping hepatitis infected individuals. These people are often alone, frustrated, discouraged, and helpless. Concerned “advocates” willingly add their voice to supporting efforts to respond to the desperate pleas of millions of “silent sufferers” to encourage them to take control of their destiny by being tested and treated as needed.

Tragically, invisible hepatitis viruses silently continue attacking and infecting uninformed and unsuspecting individuals destroying their amazing liver and its cells—their body’s personal life creating and sustaining detoxifier and miraculous mini chemical refineries and detoxifiers that converts food ingested into hundreds of essential life creating and sustaining body parts and functions working 24/7 non stop 365 days and year.

Miraculous therapies can rid the liver of millions of treacherous hepatitis viruses that attack and destroy amazing liver cells. However, left untreated, hepatitis viruses will continue to attack and destroy liver cells until there are not enough healthy liver cells remaining to continue supporting daily needs to sustain all body functions—and the liver will shut down. When your liver shuts down, your body shuts down.

Unfortunately, anyone can be infected by these insidious sneaky viruses during often unintentional and forgotten potential exposures (body piercings, sharing contaminated items many years ago, etc).

Millions of individuals are infected by hepatitis B and C and do not know it, so it is important to be safe and get tested to be sure your non complaining liver is not unintentionally and silently being attacked.

On behalf of the Liver Health Initiative’s Advocates for Prevention, I applaud the World Hepatitis Alliance for their continuing efforts to address the multitude of problems hepatitis patients face every day and ways to control and prevent our younger generation from being exposed to these treacherous viruses. Educating children about their miraculous liver is essential to empower them to know why and how to protect their life sustaining liver from unintentional harm by hepatitis viruses.

Ignorance is the liver’s worst enemy. To learn more, visit Liver Health Initiative's site and find ways to protect your liver.

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