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The Contagion® HCV / Hepatitis specialty page provides HCV / hepatitis-specific clinical news and articles, coverage from conferences and meetings, links to condition-specific resources, and videos and other content.


Study Explores Universal HIV/HCV Screening in San Diego EDs
Universal screening identifies cases in those who do not consider themselves at risk and helps re-link previously known patients who have fallen out of treatment back to care.
Intrauterine Drug Exposure Linked With Increased Risk for Pediatric HCV
Results from a study at a Cincinnati hospital point to the importance of testing at-risk infants for HCV as the opioid crisis impacts prevalence of the infection.
HCV-Associated Mortality Continues Decline in US, but Gaps Remain
Although the overall mortality rate for HCV has declined, clinicians will have to focus on individuated factors to address lingering barriers.
Opioid Crisis Shifts Hepatitis C Virus to Millennial Generation
Millennials are a major population affected by the opioid crisis, which has now translated to an increase in hepatitis C virus infections among the generation.
Where to Treat Uncomplicated HCV? Assessing the Impact of Shifting Care From Specialists to PCPs
One promising proposal to greatly increase access to DAA HCV therapy is to keep this treatment with appropriately trained PCPs, in contrast with referring patients to infectious disease, gastroenterology, or hepatology subspecialists.
Vaccine Candidate Elicits Immune Responses, But Does Not Protect Against Chronic HCV
The phase 1/2 trial of a prime-boost vaccine to prevent chronic HCV infection was completed in an at-risk population of in people who inject drugs.
Essential Vaccines by Age Group
As outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases grow, it is important to review vaccination recommendations by age group.
Arizona's Roadmap to Containing a Hepatitis A Outbreak
Facing an outbreak of HAV, Arizona works to collaborate across public health departments and health care facilities.