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The Contagion® Antibiotics specialty page provides antibiotics-specific clinical news and articles, coverage from conferences and meetings, links to condition-specific resources, and videos and other content.


WHO's New Surveillance System Finds High Levels of Antibiotic Resistance Worldwide
The World Health Organization (WHO) released its first report on antibiotic resistance surveillance data.
Can Breathing Exercises Reduce the Risk of Postoperative Infections & Antibiotic Use Following Abdominal Surgery?
Historically, postoperative pulmonary complications have been the most common serious adverse event following upper abdominal surgery, with incidence rates ranging from 10% to 50%.
Big Pharma's Role in Addressing the Challenge of Antimicrobial Resistance Assessed During World Economic Forum
More than $2 billion was invested in research and development relevant to the issue of antimicrobial resistance in 2016 alone.
Addressing Antibiotic Resistance in Lower-Income Countries
A new article suggests that in order to combat antibiotic resistance in lower- and middle-income countries, particular attention needs to be paid to emerging One Health challenges.
Ribavirin Remains Pivotal Component of Hepatitis C Treatment
A new study confirms the ribavirin steady-state serum levels that correspond to high rates of efficacy and low adverse events.
Fidaxomicin Vs. Vancomycin: What's More Effective for Treating <i>C. difficile?</i>
A recent study compares the effectiveness of a novel fidaxomicin therapy with vancomycin for the treatment of C. difficile.
Sepsis Survivors Need Better Rehabilitation Care After Hospital Discharge
Rates of re-hospitalization and long-term health effects remain high among sepsis survivors, which is why researchers are outlining ways to help sepsis patients after hospital discharge.
CDC Interactive Map Boasts State Successes in the Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance
The CDC releases first comprehensive reports on state progress made in the fight against antibiotic resistance since Congress’ investment in CDC’s Antibiotic Resistance Solutions Initiative.