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Cash for Clinic Visits: Financial Incentive Boosts HIV Viral Suppression
Investigators in Tanzania trialed modest, automated financial incentives for clinic attendance on viral suppression for patients initiating ART.
Event-Driven PrEP Patients Face Retention Issues in Thai Study
Investigators compared characteristics and retention between daily and event-driven PrEP patients to better understand low uptake of event-driven PrEP.
Overdose Deaths Encroach on Life Expectancy Gains Among People Living With HIV
Experts assessed the impact of drug overdoses on people living with HIV in British Columbia, identifying factors associated with mortality using competing risk methodology.
Money, Pills, and Isolation: Survey Reveals Concerns of Aging Patients With HIV
People with HIV are living longer than ever at present time, raising quality of life concerns about later stage medical and psychological challenges comorbidities.
California PrEP Push Reveals Underserved Demographics
The California PrEP Assistance Program, established to remove financial and structural barriers to PrEP access, had positive but uneven initial results.
First Possible HIV Remission Case without Bone Marrow Transplant Observed
A 34-year-old Brazilian man's HIV was undetectable 57 weeks after ending a heightened regimen of ART.
Switching to Second-Line Therapy Versus First-Line Antiretroviral
In low-level HIV-1 viraemia patients, this strategy demonstrated viral suppression in more than half of a study's participants.
Survey: Two-Thirds of US Adults Have Not Received HIV Testing
Despite being recommended at least once among all persons aged 13-64 years old by the CDC, notably few respondents have ever been tested for HIV.
Is there a cure? How long until we find it? And will it work for the majority of people living with HIV?