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Are Patients Responsible for Initiating Conversations About PrEP?
After analyzing electronic medical records from 161 patients across 90 VHA sites, investigators determined that patients initiated 94% of conversations about PrEP.
Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Testing Remains Suboptimal Among MSM with HIV
A study on chlamydia and gonorrhea shows testing rates have steadily gone up, but only half of MSM had been tested during 2016-2017 with less than one-third of tests being 3-site.
Emphasizing Inclusion of Black Women in Efforts to End the HIV Epidemic
Rasheeta Chandler, PhD, RN, emphasizes including of black women in efforts to end the HIV epidemic and discusses an app she is developing to help women access information about sexual health.
Developing Trauma-Informed-Care for People Living With HIV
A poster presented at ANAC2019 detailed a trauma-informed care education program for nurses providing inpatient care to people living with HIV which received a positive reception from nursing professionals.
Improving Care for Criminalized Populations at Risk for HIV in Botswana
Several key populations with heightened risk for HIV face criminalization in Botswana. The Botswana Family Welfare Association targeted efforts to improve care for these key populations.
A Nurse-Driven Model to Facilitating Same-Day ART Initiation
Heather Alt, BSN, RN, ACRN, CPH, discusses research on a nurse-led model for same-day initiation of antiretroviral therapy for people newly diagnosed with HIV.
Survey Reveals Beliefs About Transgender Clients Among Nursing Students
An educational research study reveals positive attitudes and a willingness to provide care among pre-licensure Bachelor of Science nursing students.
Early Intervention Programs Can Link Incarcerated Individuals to HIV Care Prior to Release
Inmates at an NJ facility have their HIV treatment needs met while incarcerated but the lack of transitional care coordination has led many individuals to fall off of the care continuum upon release.
Is there a cure? How long until we find it? And will it work for the majority of people living with HIV?