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The Contagion® Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) specialty page provides STD-specific clinical news and articles, coverage from conferences and meetings, links to condition-specific resources, and videos and other content.


How Can Primary Care Providers Help Their Patients Decide if PrEP Is Right for Them?
Kenneth Mayer, MD, explains why primary care providers need to have a good sense of their patients in order to help them decide if PrEP is right for them.
Who Are the Core Partners Involved in the Fast-Track Cities Initiative?
Benjamin Young, MD, PhD, discusses the four partners behind the Fast-Track Cities Initiative.
New Formulation of Raltegravir HD Explained
Pedro Cahn, MD, explains the new formulation of raltegravir HD.
Treating HIV Today vs the 1980s: One Doctor's Perspective
Kathleen Squires, MD, explains how HIV treatment has changed since the 1980s.
1990s to Today: How Has Generating Interest for the Response to HIV and AIDS Changed?
Jake Glaser discusses how generating interest for the response to HIV and AIDS has changed since the 1990s.
What is the LATTE-2 Trial for HIV Treatment?
Peter Williams, PhD, discusses the LATTE-2 trial for HIV treatment.
What is The Benefit of Darunavir Versus Other HIV Medications?
Magda Opsomer, MD, explains why darunavir may be more beneficial than other HIV medications.
What Makes a Biomedical Implant a Desirable Way to Administer PrEP?
Ariane van der Straten, PhD, MPH, explains the different attributes of administering pre-exposure prophylaxis via a HIV biomedical implant.