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Assessing Infection Prevention Programs in Nursing Homes

APR 03, 2017 | SARAH ANWAR
The findings from these assessments showed that leadership investment and support for IPC programs is highly variable across the board; in addition, many of the staff who were in charge of the IPC programs in their respective nursing homes did not receive adequate training and did not have enough dedicated time to run the IPC programs. Furthermore, many of the policies that these facilities had in place were based off of generic templates and not customized to the specific facility or residents’ needs.
Visits to these facilities allowed health departments to establish new relationships with the nursing home staff, and provided for a “positive learning experience for both providers and healthcare departments.” Most importantly, these visits “allowed health departments to identify and develop long-term care-specific training and resource needs to strengthen IPC programs.”
Ultimately, major infrastructure gaps exist in IPC programs throughout US nursing homes. Some areas that need improvement include staff training, and designated time to focus on these programs. According to Dr. Stone, thankfully, “health department assessments of nursing home IPC programs informed the development of education and resources.”
“Now what we have to do is work together to help these facilities, close those gaps, and learn from them how we can better educate and provide resources to make [these facilities] successful in this effort. And, I think it’s incredibly encouraging to know that nursing homes in the states that have access to tailored infection prevention training and resources have the capacity to really have better outcomes, in terms of patient safety and resident safety,” Dr. Stone concluded.
The content of the presentation reflects Dr. Nimalie Stone’s opinion and does not necessarily reflect the official position of the CDC.
SHEA Spring 2017 Conference
Through the Looking Glass: Perspectives on Infection Prevention Programs in Post-acute and Long-term Care
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