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CDC Pilot Study Explores National Burden of HAIs in US Nursing Homes

APR 27, 2017 | SARAH ANWAR
“Adjustment for resident type yielded marginally higher (~30,000) burden estimate compared to the base model,” Thompson’s team wrote. Although residents in the short-stay group made up 14% of the total study participants, they accounted for approximately 25% of the annual HAI burden in European nursing homes.
The researchers found that, “small variations in parameters have a large impact on HAI burden estimates,” and therefore, “precision from a large prevalence survey is essential.” A 1% difference in HAI prevalence changed the estimates by ~1 million HAIs yearly. Similarly, a 1-day difference in infection duration changed the estimates by ~0.5 million HAIs yearly.
Speaking to Contagion®, Dr. Thompson further discussed some of the limitations.

Dr. Thompson and her team concluded that “refinements in burden estimation approach [is] necessary for use with 2017 CDC nursing home prevalence survey.” Moving forward, the researchers will be creating a “large scale prevalence survey in US nursing homes.”
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