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Examining Contact Precautions in Nursing Homes

APR 07, 2017 | SARAH ANWAR
However, that doesn’t mean that the residents themselves shouldn’t practice hand hygiene. Upon leaving their rooms, residents must be clean, contained (bandaged or dressed), and cooperative.
Dr. Jump’s ultimate take home message was to find a good balance between resident safety and individual liberty, while keeping in mind that any resident with an MDRO is a reservoir for that organism. “Activities most linked to transmission involve healthcare workers…not resident-to-resident. For MDROs, transmission-based precautions based on resident risk factors may be most rational, feasible strategy.”
Dr. Jump has no direct conflicts of interest related to this presentation.

Dr. Jump has current research support from Steris. She has previously consulted for GOJO and Pfizer and has previous grant support from Pfizer, Merck and ViroPharma.

The opinions presented herein are Dr. Jump's and do not represent those of the Veterans Affairs system or the federal government.

SHEA Spring 2017 Conference

Isolating the “Right” Person: Challenges to Isolation Precautions in Nursing Homes
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