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New Global Coalition Aims to Stop Future Epidemics with New Vaccines

JAN 02, 2017 | EINAV KEET
The group also credits the public health response to the Ebola outbreak for creating partnerships between the private, public, and philanthropic sectors, but that even this level of outreach was not fast enough to prevent the more than 11,000 Ebola-related deaths that have hit West Africa countries since 2014. CEPI officials aim to create a system to advance new safe, effective, and affordable vaccines to fight emerging infectious diseases with a partnership of public, private, philanthropic and civil organizations. Market incentives don’t do enough to encourage vaccine development, they say, noting that the coalition will work to develop new vaccines before epidemics begin.
With the official launch of CEPI in a few short weeks, the group’s recent newsletter notes that it has already taken part in meetings to discuss aspects of vaccine development regulatory pathways, platform technologies, clinical trial networks and stockpiles, showing that the coalition has tasked itself with an ambitious role to help spur the creation of new vaccines. “CEPI will take an end-to-end approach–we won’t take on discovery research or vaccine delivery, but we will work through all the steps in between. We will stay abreast of new discoveries and technologies, and we’ll work with other organizations to make sure any vaccines that are developed reach those who need them. Equitable access will be a founding principle of CEPI, so that vaccines developed with its support are available to all who need them–price should not be a barrier–and they are available to populations with the most need.”
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