Contagion&reg Launches Peer Exchange on Battling Against Resistant Pseudomonas Infections


Specialists discuss causes and frontline prevention strategies in the infectious disease space.

CRANBURY, N.J.—BUSINESS WIRE)—Contagion®, the nation’s leading digital and print publication that provides practitioners and specialists working in the infectious disease field with disease-specific information, hosted 5 of the leading minds in infectious disease science in its latest Peer Exchange, “Battling Against Resistant Pseudomonas Infections in the ICU.” The first four segments of the 16-part series, which focus on leading treatment and prevention strategies for the multi-drug resistant condition, are available now.

The Peer Exchange, which is a lively peer-to-peer discussion that delves into critical issues faced by the infectious disease community is moderated by Peter L. Salgo, M.D., professor of medicine and anesthesiology at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, and director of surgical intensive care at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. Salgo is joined by Yoav Golan, M.D.; Marin H. Kollef, M.D.; Jason Pogue, Pharm.D.; and Andrew Shorr, M.D.

In deliberating the patients most susceptible to Pseudomonas infections, the panel explored the virulence factors of the infections and their effects on patients who are immunocompromised. The panel also stressed that pseudomonas is brought to the intensive care unit (ICU) from the hospital floor, where antibiotic therapy has been misused.

The panel investigated the differences between pseudomonas infection and invasive diseases, highlighting that patients with pneumonia often have longstanding colonization of the organisms that cause the disease. While discussing strategies to prevent the spread of infections in the ICU, Dr. Shorr pointed out that, medical professionals should be inclined to early ambulation, early liberation from ventilators and less sedation or chlorhexidine bathing.

While discussing the differences in Pseudomonas infections in the ICU and on the floor, the panel highlighted that these infections are always around us and infect a majority of patients that come to the hospital with pseudomonas, specifically pneumonia. Additionally, the panelists highlighted that ICU patients “get cultured more.” Therefore, doctors need to understand patient-specific risk factors.

Overuse of antibiotics, an increasingly frustrating medical practice, is also discussed by the panel, as it causes culturing. The experts highlighted antibiotic abuse in the community, which leads to antibiotic resistance. Dr. Kollef suggested that instead of using antibiotics as first-line therapy for a patient suffering from a minor illness, perhaps the clinicians should actively monitor and think through the adequate use of antibiotics.

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