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Reducing Mild COVID-19 With Ivermectin

January 19th 2021

With vaccines being approved, less attention has been devoted to evaluating drug-based transmission blocking strategies.

Identifying Pneumonia With DNA Test Can Aid in Faster COVID-19 Treatment

January 19th 2021

Causative organism details in patients with ICU-acquired infections has had limited reporting.

Temperature Scanners Show Limited Value in Covid-19 Detection

January 19th 2021

There currently remains a need to easily, accurately and rapidly assess whether an individual has a fever.

Interplay Between HIV-1, Type 1 Interferons is Dynamic Over Time

January 19th 2021

A study found patients with acute infection and those with viral rebound after antiretroviral therapy interruption had the highest viral resistance to type 1 interferons.

Mask-Wearing Linked to Reduced Regional COVID-19 Transmissions

January 19th 2021

An online survey-based assessment showed older adults and minorities have been more likely to wear masks in public.

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