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Invasive Candidiasis with C diff is Likely Resistant to Antifungal

October 26th 2020

Invasive C glabrata found to be most prevalent strain of Candida in stool of patients with C difficile infection, and likely resistant to caspofungin.

COVID-19 Vaccine Race: FDA Advisory Committee Meeting with Donald Alcendor, PhD

October 26th 2020

A glimpse into FDA advisor perspective just weeks before EUAs are anticipated to be sent.

J&J Prepares to Resume COVID-19 Vaccine Trial

October 26th 2020

The company is planning to move forward after receiving a recommendation from the DSMB to start up the trial again.

Investigational Therapy Treats Severe Case of COVID-19

October 26th 2020

A case study examines a treatment for a hospitalized case of the virus.

Autoantibodies Block Interferons in 10% of Severe COVID-19 Cases

October 26th 2020

Autoantibodies that attack type 1 interferons, neutralizing the immune system’s ability to block the SARS-CoV-2 virus, were present in 10% of patients with life-threatening coronavirus diseases 2019 (COVID-19) pneumonia, a new study found.

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