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Can Wastewater Surveillance Predict Monkeypox Cases?

August 13th 2022

Ongoing wastewater surveillance in San Diego seeks to track and predict monkeypox infection surges.

FDA Approves Baloxavir Marboxil Flu Drug for Children

August 12th 2022

The FDA has approved Baloxavir Marboxil (Xofluza) for children 5 years and older to treat and prevent influenza.

New CDC Guidelines Reduce Quarantine After COVID-19 Exposure

August 11th 2022

Asymptomatic individuals in low-risk settings do not have to quarantine after COVID-19 exposure, CDC says.

Next Generation Antimalarial MAB Targets Susceptibility of P falciparum

August 11th 2022

Next generation antimalarial monoclonal antibody is three times more potent than predecessor in preventing parasitemia, stopping parasite replicating.

Langya Virus Zoonotic Spillover in Eastern China

August 10th 2022

Langya virus, a new type of henipavirus, was identified in at least 35 people in eastern China. The virus is suspected to have infected shrews before jumping to humans.

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