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The Contagion® HCV / Hepatitis specialty page provides HCV / hepatitis-specific clinical news and articles, coverage from conferences and meetings, links to condition-specific resources, and videos and other content.


Drug-Drug Interactions Remain a Problem Among Patients With HCV
Despite new treatment options with a lower theoretical risk, approximately 40% of patients with HCV experienced a drug-drug interaction.
Study Supports Minimal Monitoring in Sofosbuvir-Based Therapy for HCV
Minimal monitoring of patients receiving sofosbuvir-based therapy for hepatitis C virus resulted in equal cure rates at less cost than standard monitoring, a new study found.
Hearts From Donors With HCV Appear Safe for Transplantation
Newer, more effective antivirals mean hearts from donors with HCV are a viable option for transplantation. Rising opioid-related deaths means there are more of these donors available.
Financial Incentives Improve Hepatitis B Vaccination Among Injection Drug Users
Combining financial incentives and accelerated vaccine schedules may improve hepatitis B vaccination completion among people who inject drugs who are at high risk for the infection, according to a new study.
Estimating Hepatitis B Virus Burden Among HIV Populations
A literature meta-analysis determined the worldwide prevalence of hepatitis B virus in people living with HIV.  
Malaria Response Could Trigger Developments in HIV, Lupus
Observations about the body’s response to malaria infection can lead to new treatments for HIV and lupus, investigators believe.
Crowdsourced Materials Used to Promote Hepatitis Testing Among MSM in China
While results of a study on crowdsourced materials promoting hepatitis testing were complicated by intervention sharing, 20% of MSM reported first time testing.
Rapid Tests Aren't Always Accurate in Testing for HIV, HCV and HBV
Blood sample testing in African countries using rapid tests is a mixed message. Accuracy in HIV improved, but accuracy in hepatitis B and C testing did not.
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