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Zimbabwe Declares State of Emergency Amid Cholera Outbreak
The Ministry of Health and Child Care of Zimbabwe has declared a cholera outbreak after over 1,900 suspected cases have been reported.
Research Reveals Potential New Marker for Mortality Due to <em>Clostridium difficile</em> Infection
A new study is the first to identify eosinophil counts as a predictor of outcomes in human patients.
Combinations of Up To 5 Antibiotics May Work Against Resistant <i>E Coli</i>
The conventional approach to fighting resistant E coli infections typically involves the use of no more than 2 antibiotics; however, combining as many as 5 may be the trick to fighting these infections.
<i>E coli</i> Strain Found in Poultry Linked with Urinary Tract Infections in Humans
Investigators have found that a strain of E coli found in retail poultry products can cause a wide range of infections in people.
SHEA Issues Practical Advice for <em>C Difficile</em> Testing and Treatment in NICU
New practical advice for the treatment of C difficile from SHEA advises against routine testing in NICU patients with diarrhea.
Examining Social and Emotional Outcomes for Patients with Hospital-Acquired Infections
A new review examines previous studies and concludes that healthcare professionals could benefit from sensitivity training when dealing with patients who have HAIs.
Candidemia Presents Significant Risk for <i>C difficile</i> Coinfection
Candidemia is a significant risk factor for C difficile infection in hospital patients.
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