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Universal Influenza Vaccine Candidate Produces Strong Responses in Animal Models
A universal flu vaccine candidate elicits protective response in mice against multiple strains of the virus.
Mumps Outbreaks Highlight Need for Immunization Documentation at Universities
Several outbreaks of mumps in university settings throughout Indiana in 2016 highlight a need for standardized immunization record collection and a third MMR vaccination dose for individuals at increased risk of infection.
Vaccination Week in the Americas Set to Immunize 70 Million Individuals
Following outbreaks of measles and yellow fever in parts of Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, PAHO is leading the 16th annual Vaccination Week in the Americas in an effort to vaccinate 70 million individuals against several diseases.
HIV Vaccine Moves One Step Closer to Becoming Reality
Scientists from The Scripps Research Institute and the La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology may have found the best delivery mode for a vaccine against HIV.
Measles Outbreak in Minnesota Linked to Drop in Vaccination Rates
Health officials in Minnesota have linked the state’s biggest measles outbreak in decades to anti-vaccination efforts centered on one immigrant community.
Immunizations Run in the Family
Researchers find that children of parents or caregivers who receive the season flu shot are more likely than others to also be immunized.
<em>Contagion</em>® Celebrates First Anniversary
Contagion® is celebrating it’s one-year anniversary today, February 7, 2017. As we hit this milestone, we wanted to look back and remember the three articles that launched Contagion® on this day in 2016.
Tuberculosis, DTP, & Measles Vaccines and Associations with Childhood Mortality
Vaccines are generally quite safe, but a recent study of BCG, DTP, and MCV raises concerns that warrant further exploration.