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NIH Uncovers Another Piece to the Puzzle That is Herpes
In a recent study, scientists from the NIH identify a set of protein complexes that are recruited viral genes and stimulate not only initial HSV infection, but also reactivation of dormant HSV.
Active Genital Herpes in Early Pregnancy Linked with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Researchers have discovered that women who experience active genital herpes infection early in their pregnancy may be more likely to have a child who will later be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.
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Genital HSV Vaccine Provides Powerful Protection in Preclinical Trials
Researchers have developed a new trivalent vaccine that has proven to provide powerful protection against genital herpes (HSV) in preclinical trials.
New Genital Herpes Drug Proves More Promising Than Existing Treatment in Clinical Trial
A new genital herpes drug, pritelivir, has demonstrated greater virus suppression than the present standard treatment in a clinical trial.
New Herpes Virus Screening Guidelines Call for Less Routine Testing
Although herpes remains one of the most prevalent sexually transmitted infections in the United States, the US Preventive Services Task Force is calling for less routine testing.
New Technologies Help MSM Prevent STD Transmission
Technology gives men who have sex with men (MSM) new ways to assess their health status, prevent HIV and other STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), and find care.
HSV Infections Are the Latest Genome Editing Targets
A new technological approach to genome editing that can clear latent and productive herpesvirus infections from human cells in vitro could eventually lead to a potent prophylactic.
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