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Did the 2016 Fluoroquinolone Boxed Warning Change Outpatient Treatment of Uncomplicated UTIs?
Evaluating the impact of the 2016 FDA boxed warning on fluoroquinolone prescribing rates for uncomplicated urinary tract infections.
Where to Treat Uncomplicated HCV? Assessing the Impact of Shifting Care From Specialists to PCPs
One promising proposal to greatly increase access to DAA HCV therapy is to keep this treatment with appropriately trained PCPs, in contrast with referring patients to infectious disease, gastroenterology, or hepatology subspecialists.
Same-Day PrEP Initiation: Simplifying Access and Dismantling Barriers to Care
Unsurprisingly, STD clinics have reported increased patient interest in PrEP; however, these clinics often face challenges in providing longitudinal patient care because of limited resources and capacity. 
Pharmacomicrobiomic Study Shows Significant Gut Bacteria Role in Drug Metabolism and Exposure
A recent study provides what may be the first in-depth examination of the molecular mechanism of biotransformation of a large number of orally administered agents by the human gut microbiota.
Comparing Effectiveness of Agents for MSSA Bacteremia
Evidence demonstrates that antimicrobial therapy with an anti-staphylococcal β-lactam antibiotic is the gold standard for treatment of SAB caused by MSSA, but confusion about which agent—particularly cefazolin versus an anti-staphylococcal penicillin—is preferred remains an unanswered question