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In the Literature

Pharmacomicrobiomic Study Shows Significant Gut Bacteria Role in Drug Metabolism and Exposure
A recent study provides what may be the first in-depth examination of the molecular mechanism of biotransformation of a large number of orally administered agents by the human gut microbiota.
Comparing Effectiveness of Agents for MSSA Bacteremia
Evidence demonstrates that antimicrobial therapy with an anti-staphylococcal β-lactam antibiotic is the gold standard for treatment of SAB caused by MSSA, but confusion about which agent—particularly cefazolin versus an anti-staphylococcal penicillin—is preferred remains an unanswered question
Does Decreased Renal Function Predict Worse Outcomes With Newer Antimicrobials?
Numerous studies need to be performed to ensure adequate antimicrobial dosing, partic­ularly in the setting of renal impairment and critical illness.
Postulates About the Prostate: Fosfomycin for Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis
Fosfomycin is an attractive potential option because it does not cross-react with other antimicrobials, making it a good choice in patients with extensive drug allergies.
Utilizing MRSA Nasal Screening for Antimicrobial Stewardship
This In the Literature piece details a study evaluating MRSA nasal screening’s effect on antimicrobial stewardship.
Is there a cure? How long until we find it? And will it work for the majority of people living with HIV?